Dubai: Excellent showrooms, malls, and foreigners….

March 2, 2018 by No Comments

Dubai: When you talk about the best cities in the world, Dubai has to be the city which will comes into your mind instantly. The city of United Arab Emirates, Dubai has all the luxuries of the world. It is the most populous city of the UAE, but one more fact is important about this city and this fact is it has a large number of foreign nationals. A large number of people visit from the Indian subcontinent as well. The city which is located North of UAE.

Talking about the population of Dubai city, it is almost 30 lakhs. Indians are in “majority” here followed by the people of Emirate. The population of Indian people is estimated to be around 43 percent. Emirati is second at 23% after Indian people, and 17% of Pakistanis live there after them. Apart from this, 7.5% of Bangladeshis, 4.2% of Filipino, 1.5% of Sri Lankans are present here, 0.3% people are Americans.

Talking about the city, people of Indian subcontinent consider it as their home. There are big buildings here and there is a big gathering of Bollywood here also. It is said that Bollywood stars do their private programs, home function here because they get some kind of freedom in this city. There are excellent showrooms and malls also which gives it a feel of modernity. The police here is also considered to be one of the best police in the world. Dubai also has the headquarters of several big institutions. Headquarter of the ICC(International Cricket Council) is also located here.

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