Syrian Civil War: Who is the killer of Syria?

No peace initiative has been successful in the Syrian civil war which was started in 2011. Where many countries of the world are trying to see their own benefits,innocent children of Syria are being killed. Now the question is, who is the killer of Syria ?

Yes, it is a fact that whenever a war breaks, loss of humans are imminent and in Syria too many innocent human beings have lost their life. We have read in the history books about how people used to attack the “enemy” group and they did not even think that the innocents were dying. There is a similar situation in Syria where all the right or wrong methods are being used to win the war. Nobody wants to see how many are dying and how much is the tragedy. The involved parties are just trying to capture power at all human cost.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is not ready to leave his throne. If you understand this civil war from the beginning, the thing is that people tried to demand democratic rights but the oppressive government of Assad tried to suppress the people. There was a large number of human losses in the past too. The rebel group is supported by countries like USA and Turkey, but the Syrian government is fighting with the help of Russia and Iran and now attained strong position to some degree. On the other hand, the way the government of Asad is bombing in civilian areas, it is dangerous. It is dangerous because the bombing on these areas will kill more civilians than rebel fighters. The question now arises.. Is Assad the killer of Syria?

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