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We all know and appreciate what we share in common and that without a doubt is the love for good food!This list brings you the top most budget friendly eating places in NewYork that not only make your taste buds dance but are also a little less heavy on the pockets.So here we go-

Tony & Tina’s Pizzeria

Yes, you heard it right! Tony &Tina’s pizzeria located at 2483 Arthur Avenue Bronx, NY is the ultimate cheese filled pizza parlour that will make you wish you’d never leave.

Not only does it provide freshly baked pizza’s and Albanian cuisine in a variety if flavour and colours but gives you a sensational experience at the cost you could only dream about.

As a top fan describes their different types of byrek taste absolutely amazing. If you’re in the area and you’re looking for some traditional Albanian food,Tony and Tina’s is definitely the place to go to.

Well known foodies Pet.Pass and Thechiefest both gave it a string 5.6 and agree that it would always be there ‘go to places’ whenever with friends who travel only for the love for food.

This pizzeria provides you a chance to experience the great taste of Albanian cuisine such as freshly homemade yoghurt along with prodigious round filo pies called ‘Bureks’.

The spinach and pumpkin bureks are ordered the most by customers while the buffalo chicken pizza’s huge slices are also admirable. The staff is well trained and super friendly.

All prices range from under $10. The chef recommends the ricotta any day and any time. So buckle up for a well-deserved ride to this amazing pizzeria!

Bravo African Restaurant

This restaurant located at 1473 Westchester Ave provides you a chance to have breakfast, lunch and dinner all at the same place in the same price range.

For breakfast, you must try the buttered baguette with their special hot coffee while for lunch you can go for the most frequently ordered Sanigalese dishes such as their fish and vegetables over flavoured rice otherwise known as djinn.

For dinner Suppu Kandia will do the best for you, it is fish and lamb cooked in palm oil. Grilled or Moroccan style chicken and lamb is also recommended. This has been the topmost liked place for locals and as they say around town, it is the ‘heart’ of the corner.

YU Kitchen

This amazing northwestern Chinese restaurant located at 2656 broadway is aimed for inviting students all over to get a taste of the light and flavoursome Chinese cuisine that not only keeps them going for the day but also provides a home-like environment with fresh and healthy food with rich nutrients for these youngsters.

Each well-planned meal size is around $10 and will keep you full for at least five hours. The stewed chicken with Chinese dark mushrooms is the most ordered food from the place while the peta bread soaked in lamb soup is quite often ordered as well. Chef Ding Ji focuses the most on well nutritional food under a fixed budget.This might just be the place you’d want to eat at when in Newyork!

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