SC sets Hadiya at absolute liberty, BJP failed in its propaganda of love jihad, Satyamev Jayate!!

The Girl Hadiya Who Fights for her rigths, for her freedom,  the Supreme Court has ruled in her favor. The Supreme Court said that Hadiya’s marriage with her husband Shafin Jahan is legal and valid, she has formed a relationship of her free will and consent with shafin.
A bench comprising Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justices AM Khanwilkar and DY Chandrachud restored Hadiya and Jahan’s marriage. Hadiya Told Court, That She Chose to embrace islam, She has not been compelled. Hadia was a Hindu, with her consent she married to a Muslim boy. Hadiya’s Family Against her marriage, Filed a case in kerala High court love jihad against her husband.
Following the Supreme Court verdict, On Social Media website Twitter, Hadiya Has Been Trending. Twitter Users Congratulating Hadiya For Independence she got.

At last supreme Court sets free #Hadiya from the love jihad case and court said she can make her own decision now at the end hadiya gets free from everything and lastly love defeat jihad #LoveDefeatsJihad #HadiyaCase.

Only Love, No Jihad: Supreme Court Restores Hadiya’s Freedom, Marriage.
Women’s right to choice upheld, Hadiya finally wins her freedom. #LoveDefeatsJihad

A girl fought her freedom for and her, The hypocrisy of media is exposed. #LoveDefeatsJihad

If a Muslim girl marries a Hindu boy, they say she ran away from oppression. But if a Hindu girl marries a Muslim boy, then it’s termed as #LoveJihad . This is the hypocrisy of our mindset and society. #LoveDefeatsJihad

#LoveDefeatsJihad — Supreme Court sets Hadiya at absolute liberty, says she can’t be in anyone’s custody. She can complete studies, live with whoever she wants, nothing remains for court to decide after she expressed her will. She can’t be compelled to go or live with anyone.
So #LoveDefeatsJihad & BJP failed in its propaganda of love jihad, Satyamev Jayate!!
Balanced order on great occasion.
Women also have freedom of choice.either that choice is right or wrong,is another aspect.

Hadiya wins and BJP loss… Happy Women’s day…!!! #LoveDefeatsJihad This is the real victory of Love.

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