Is Saudi Arabia becoming a modern nation?

Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country and here a large number of people come to perform Haj and Umrah every year. There are also two very important cities of Islam in Saudi Arabia, i.e, Mecca and Medina. But Saudi Arabia is known for many other things also. Saudi Arabia is also known for its large oil reserves, as well as the well-known gold reserves as well. A large part of Saudi Arabia’s economy is dependent on oil. The government is now in the process of reducing it’s dependence on oil.

To do this, the government is taking many steps, these steps are for social reforms in which big focus is on women’s empowerment. Besides, the hotel industry is being promoted as well as means of entertainment such as cinema and entertainment are being strengthened. Only by strengthening the service industry, Saudi Arabia can end up relinquishing it’s dependence on oil because there is no river here.

Although some conservative people do not regard these changes in Saudi Arabia as good, but the global society is happy with these changes. British diplomats Boris Johnson say that if these changes in Saudi Arabia become successful then it will have a wider effect and the whole Muslim nations will be affected.Some experts are also convinced that the manner in which Saudi Arabia is changing, it will soon be included in the most modern countries of the world. However, any comment about this will be in a hurry only because Saudi Arab has still very much to cross and it will have to work hard.

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