Is Trump, the worst president ever?

On 20 January of this year, Donald Trump became the 45th President of the USA. Most of the people did not expect him to win the election but he won it. Though he was not the most popular leader but still he manages to get the most “powerful” post of this world. But since then, Trump is on losing ground. Many of those who had voted for Trump are now regretting.

Nearly 10 months after his becoming of president, he is regarded by some as the worst President that US has ever seen. A recent poll conducted by the Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll revealed that Trump is on the negative side of the story.Trump is always in the news but not for the right reasons. A recent story by a reputed news website argue that Trump is losing his ground. Actually he has tweeted many anti-Muslims tweets but in the last 48 hours, he did this thrice.

Many believes that he still thinks that he is contesting some elections. Some believes that his intentions may not be bad but his behavior is shocking. There have been various Presidents who had to wage war against some country but they never said they hate anybody but Trump is openly hating a lot of communities and people.

Well, the way Trump has started behaving it is pretty clear that he is not the best of the Presidents. May be, he also understood this that he can’t have good policies. That’s why, he is relying on some propaganda.

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