“Padosi kya kahenge” attitude of elders snatches the basic right to live life…

In the Supreme Court, the right to privacy was upheld unanimously by a nine-judge bench in 2017.
But what actually makes the privacy matters and before it what is privacy.The right of privacy is not being hindered only by voluntarily mandating aadhaar for all. However it’s a digital threat like the govt. can manage to know about a person whereabouts as all our information is just a thumb away. Thumb-impression and etc. have become our lock and with these biological data easily available to govt. they can know with whom we are chatting, what we are watching or listing or storing, when we do it, how much time we spend and where etc.
But what about the personal space of an individual in a society?
When in 2015, the central govt. banned all porn sites it created a storm of reactionary response, the govt. had to withdraw its order which show that people are highly sensitive if govt. tries to interfere in personal space of an individual with any argument.

I live in Lucknow ( the city of nawabs !), the nawabs were  famous for their churlishness of all cultures and sects in their reign, liberal in working and also romantic in nature. We have Asia’s largest park and many other parks but like other ‘modern’ cities, these public parks are casually regarded as places of filth, sensuous where dissolute youngsters seduced of body ‘engage’ and pollute the environment. And I live in city of nawabs.
But is there any other they can go, house of each other ! one can’t daily go to movies and there must be places other than universities and colleges.
Even at our homes a person’s life is continuously interfered by parents, ‘padoshi kya kahenge’ and ‘sharma ji ka beta’ Does a teenager have his/her say in house matters, NO, their parents have seen more of the world. The life of a wife is daily marred from the first day she becomes a wife. Sexual pleasures depending upon the mood of her husband, bearing a child depends upon the wish of in-laws etc. from the clothes we wear to the physical expression of our body, from what to eat, where to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, how to hold a pen to the colour one like and so on, all these basic personal entities of a person is questioned, and we can’t just ‘adjust’ with it if we don’t like it but we have to mingle, a society is a group of interacting persons not interfering.
Caring becomes interference when one tries to exert his/her set of thoughts on the other.
But coming to the first line of article, privacy has become a fundamental right of a person, in a country where continuously and everyday fundamental rights are questioned. Much of our population is ignorant of their rights and in these circumstances, some are struggling hard not just to protect a right made of some word, written on a piece of paper but the very basic instinct which makes us human.


(Vaibhav Mishra) 

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