#RGInSingapore : Our vision is one of bringing people together

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Congress President Rahul Gandhi has gone to Singapore and Malaysia on a five-day visit. Rahul Gandhi met the CEO of Indian origin in Singapore and discussed many issues including job, investment, economic issues. Rahul Gandhi said that we are looking at the largest migration of the rural people of India.

We have the challenges. We want to make a peaceful transformation, a change that keeps everyone together.
In The Meantime Rahul Gandhi’s visit Is Trending on Twitter. Rahul Gandhi is being discussed very well on social media.
#RGInSingapore is a trending topic on Twitter. Congress President Rahul Gandhi paid tributes to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose at the historic INA memorial in Singapore.

#RGInSingapore: Congress Official Twitter Handle Tweets, Aditi, a PhD candidate at Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, tells us why she’s looking forward to hear Congress President Rahul Gandhi speak.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi met with Indian-origin CEOs of companies in Singapore and discussed a range of issues including jobs, investments, and the prevalent economic conditions.
If you ask me what am I proud of country, it is the idea of plurality and freedom. That is being challenged: Congress President Rahul Gandhi.
We disproved the idea that you cannot take a billion people together and march along on a democratic path: Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

I see a tremendous opportunity coming for India with 4th generation manufacturing: Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi along with sampit roda and milind deora met with CEO Ho Ching and the board of Temasek in Singapore and discussed a plethora of issues including quantum computing, robotics, AI, Chinese manufacturing, and big data.
We have tried to pass the Women’s Reservation Bill in the LS and RS numerous times. However, it was opposed by other parties: Congress President Rahul Gandhi.
We do not like an India where people are persecuted for what they eat, drink, wear, or think: Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi said Hate and anger are being used by some as a tool for dividing people and winning elections. Our vision, however, is one of bringing people together.

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